Luxury vegetable tanned leather handbags conceptualized in the Netherlands, made in Italy.

Ruigrok van der Werven

Myself Germany
London Fashion Week ✨ The Daily Deb​ carrying her​ Knot Handle in black suède
⏰ It’s time for a new bag! Happy Sunday
Now on Vogue Paris: The Daily Deb carrying the Ruigrok van der Werven Knot Handle in Stone Black at NYFW
Crossbody in Spicy Pink vegetable tanned suède, made in Italy
Ruigrok van der Werven designer Denise spotted at Amsterdam Fashion Week
Crossbody close-up at Amsterdam Fashion Week
Stylist Ann Caruso carrying her Ruigrok van der Werven Shoulder Bag during New York Fashion Week ❤️
The perfect knot
Beautiful Dutch actress Anna Drijver with her Ruigrok van der Werven Crossbody ✨